Legacy Driven Family

Legacy Crown Organicare - Where self-care comes naturally
Our name, Legacy Crown stands as a reminder that yes, "Heavy is the head that wears the crown" ...for their legacy but self-care will also be a priority.

This business is run by a millenial husband and wife duo, Tes & Jess, out of Virginia. Tes is an extremely health conscious Caribbean man - He decides what ingredients would be best and he makes the products. Jess is the jack of all trades - she does literally everything else + makes some products. :) We run this business and raise our kids.
Legacy Crown Organicare started because we were a growing family with thick natural hair. For the longest time, we would go through hair products weekly because there were too many thick haired heads to maintain. One day, we had had enough of spending so much money on products that just weren't cutting it - either the price to ounces ratio wasn't affordable or the actual product wasn't doing the job. So, we decided to do something about it by creating all-natural affordable solutions for hair, body, and more. Our friends and family loved all of it and would continuously ask us to make a batch for them. Now we want to share them with the world! 

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