Legacy Driven Family

Legacy Crown Organicare - Where self-care comes naturally
Our name, Legacy Crown stands as a reminder that we are building generational wealth AND wisdom for our family. So yes, "Heavy is the head that wears the crown" but the lack of self-care will not be a part of that weight.

This business is run by a millenial husband and wife duo, Tes & Jess, and their children, out of Virginia. Legacy Crown Organicare started because we were a growing family with thick natural hair. For the longest time, we would go through hair products weekly because there were too many thick haired heads to maintain. One day, we had had enough of spending so much money on products that just weren't cutting it - either the price to ounces ratio wasn't affordable or the actual product wasn't doing the job.

So, we decided to do something about it by creating all-natual affordable solutions. Then we became even more confident in replacing other store bought products with our homemade products for our family. So, our amazing homemade products are a result of years of research, patience, and understanding. Now we want to share them with the world!